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We understand that it is not always easy finding an expert to consult on your property management questions, so we have taken some of your requests and answered them though our in house solicitor.  The Quinovic franchise network has been experts for over 30 years.

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Do you have a property management question you want answered?

NZ Property Investor provides free advice through their magazine and website ( by asking property experts a question.  Quinovic has answered some of these questions drawing on the expertise of one of our franchisees (Bernard Parker – Solicitor specialising in the RTA) and collated them below.


Please note that the views and comments expressed below were done before Covid19 law changes were  brought into effect.  For updated details regarding the changes refer to the tenancy services link here.


Ask an expert

Concern over property manager

Tenants changing boundary fence

Taking over management of rental

Getting out of property management contract

Water standards

Door compliance

Friend as property manager?

Tradie quote costs

Mould liability

Unreachable property manager

Sale of Property fee

Additional property management costs

Utility cost bundling

Shower head issues