Your Investment Objectives

04 April 2016

One reason you use Quinovic is to give you comfort that your rental property is being well managed. We help you to live life as you'd like to, and take the pain of rental properties away. However, there still are times when you need to do a bit of work for yourself. As we pass 31 March we finish another tax year. This is probably one of those times. 

Your Objectives
Your Objectives

Tax time is relatively pain free from an information standpoint with the Quinovic financial summaries attached to this newsletter email at your fingertips. However, as you pull together your rental property financial performance - including any interest costs and often rates and insurance costs that you might have set up and pay for personally - you have a useful set of information with which to assess whether your investment is achieving your objectives. 

This is where we encourage you to do some work for yourself, and see the end of the financial year as a time for useful reflection and challenge. not just a taxing time! 

Issues confronting all investors include what strategies to adopt to improve the value of your property, and working out the income potential of your asset. 

We encourage you to think about the following: 


  • What are my/our objectives. are they written down? Are they still appropriate, ie what has changed in my/ our personal situation and does this mean I need to reset or challenge my objectives? 
  • How the financial performance achieved supports the achievement of my objectives, or do I see a need to make a change in how I go about achieving my objectives? 
  • What has changed in respect of the property market that affects my property and future revenue opportunities, risks and costs? 
  • Are we on track or not? Update your plan accordingly. 


When you work through this type of exercise you will naturally confront elements that are entirely to do with your situation and motivations. You will also get value from a variety of property, financial and other sources of specialist advice and / or a sounding board for your views. 


Your Quinovic Principal has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the specific market in which your property is located. Helping you manage your property to achieve your objectives is part of our service. The more we can understand what you need to achieve, and help you with the plan to achieve your objectives, the better our service to you. 

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