What Makes a Good Property Investor?

01 March 2016

Our Quinovic Property Managers around New Zealand tend to work with investors who hold property for a considerable period of time, usually 7-10 years plus. This longevity reflects both their thinking at the time the investment was made, and ultimately a realisation that there is no urgent need to sell a well performing and well understood asset that has accrued a higher value and delivers good quality cash flow.

Successful investors treat their property interests like a business and are clear about their investment system and the desirable characteristics of the property portfolio they are building. Importantly, they surround themselves with a good team - representing property management, real estate, finance, tax, accounting, risk management, and funding / financial management. It's all about making informed decisions and following through with purposeful actions.

For serious property investors the focus is making money through both income and capital gain, and key factors to consider include: 

  • The gross rental yield drives a cash flow loss in the short to medium term, and this can be longer than you think at the outset;
  • The investment utilises leverage through borrowing; and
  • With well-reasoned assumptions regarding rental income growth over time, positive income and capital growth is expected - a good return on capital invested where the risk and return is increased because of leverage

We encourage you to think about your approach and take every opportunity to benefit from the advice and assistance your Quinovic principal and property manager can give you to make your property ownership personally and financially rewarding.

In following newsletters we will outline the key steps towards successful investment, both at the time a property is purchased and while the property is in your portfolio.

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