Quinovic introduces methamphetamine Policy

01 January 2017

Methamphetamine contamination is an increasing problem for landlords, tenants and property managers as meth addiction crosses all sociodemographic boundaries and is not confined to any one part of society.

On 1 December 2016 Quinovic took the proactive step of implementing a meth management program. While inclusion in the program is strongly recommended, it is not compulsory and property owners are able to opt out if they wish.

The program includes baseline testing for properties coming under management for the first time and subsequent inter tenancy tests. For existing properties under management, we are recommending a baseline test be carried out when the current tenancy expires and inter-tenancy testing thereafter.

We also think it is an opportune time for property owners check their insurance cover to see if they are covered for meth contamination. Some insurance companies are reducing or even eliminating meth cover, often when policies roll over.

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