A Property Manager’s Guide to Changing Tenants

06 March 2017

The period of November to March can often be a very busy time for tenants and landlords. All the tasks associated with changing tenants can therefore be multiplied for landlords. From bonds and inspections to interviewing new clients, the work can really start to pile up. Quinovic are experts in property management, so with the help of Jenny Tamplin and Stephen Dacombe-Bird of Quinovic Vivian St in Wellington, we’ve put together some information and tips to make the process easier for everyone.


Why is the period of November to March so busy, and what are some of the key issues associated with it? 

There are many factors that contribute to this being a busy time for landlords. For example, university academic years often end around this time so students want new accommodation, and recent graduates are looking to upgrade or move for work. Other people may want to move their families into school catchment areas before the school year begins, or get settled into a new home in time for Christmas.

For landlords, the main issues associated with this time are the same as the rest of the year, but the workload is increased. This can become overwhelming for private landlords and those with other commitments such as family and careers. The main tasks revolve around finding new tenants, and dealing with the ending of existing tenancy agreements. For the former, landlords need to deal with advertising the property, processing and shortlisting applications, interviews, references and property viewings. For the latter, they need to liase with current tenants, perform property inspections, handle bond repayments and deal with any potential damage to properties. These tasks can become very time-consuming but thoroughness should not be compromised, even when there is a lot of work to do. Choosing good tenants is hugely important and can prevent a lot of problems down the line.


What characteristics should be looked for in prospective tenants?

It is important to be discerning from the beginning of the process when screening tenants, as they will be trusted with very valuable assets for the entirety of the tenancy period. Applications should be checked carefully for accuracy, and reliable references should be taken. When shortlisted applicants come for viewings, it is a useful opportunity to judge the way that they treat the property (are they respectful?) and see whether their personalities and attitudes are suitable.


What are the benefits of having a property manager to help with these tasks at this time of year?

A good property manager will help by offering qualified and relevant advice throughout the entire process, and by taking control of the more time consuming day-to-day tasks. By freeing up time for landlords, they can spend more time on the most important decisions and focus more on friends, family and careers, whilst still having the final say in important matters.


How does Quinovic specifically help as compared with other property managers?

We have a tried and tested approach to the process of changing tenants. We've been operating for over 25 years all over New Zealand, so have more experience than most local managers. Drawing from this experience allows us to give accurate, reliable and invaluable advice to clients in all aspects of changing tenants. Our staff are specialised in all relevant fields such as correspondence, administration, reference checking, property showings and tenant selection, so we can guarantee expertise at every stage.

When tenancies are coming to an end, we give notice well in advance to see whether current tenants plan to extend or move on, giving us plenty of time to find replacements. We advertise properties in various locations online, and send details to our extensive network of interested parties which we have built over our years of experience. This allows us to access a massive pool of tenants which we can use to choose the absolute best, together with the landlords. We utilise our proven system for screening applications, choosing carefully and taking landlord and multiple character references. Regular and detailed property inspections including photographic evidence are carried out by experts to make sure the properties are well looked after, meaning issues with bonds repayments are a rare occurrence. In the unlikely case that a property is not cared for sufficiently by tenants, or accidental damage occurs, we ensure landlords are protected by taking the maximum allowable bond payment of four weeks rent.


Everything we do is designed to take pressure away from landlords, giving them time to focus on other things and being confident that their properties are safe.


If you have any questions or want advice around changing tenants, talk to us.

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