Message from the Franchisor to All Owners

01 September 2018

You may be aware of the recent articles in the media, which were the result of a non-authorised marketing campaign carried out by our Quinovic Te Aro franchise (formerly Quinovic Lambton Quay).  

We are very disappointed with the action of this franchise and are genuinely sorry to the people who took offence.  Our brand is better than this and we know that in order to be successful as a property manager we need to foster positive relationships with both landlords and tenants.

We have acted to ensure that such an event does not recur and have initiated an independent review of the franchise.  That review will focus on the management of the portfolio and in particular interactions with owners and tenants.


Paul Chapman

Chief Operating Officer, Quinovic Group


Media release from Quinovic Group Office – Monday 13 August 2018

Quinovic is a nationwide specialist residential property management group that has been operating for over 30 years through 34 independently owned franchises.

One of our franchises, Quinovic Te Aro, placed an advertisement on Facebook.  There were three separate advertisements each with a different tagline, image and message.  Respondents who clicked on the advertisement were then taken to a survey page.

The Facebook campaign was a local office initiative.  It was not a national initiative.  The Facebook campaign was not endorsed by Quinovic Group Office nor does it conform to our Brand standards.  We have requested that the advertisements be removed and the Franchisee has confirmed this has been done.  Quinovic Group office do not support the imagery and messaging in the ads and we have censured the Franchisee in the strongest possible way.  

At Quinovic, our focus is on property care and return.  While we work for the owner, we treat the tenant as a customer of our client.  We recognise the need to look after the tenant because the happier the tenant, the longer they will stay and the more they will look after the property.


Media Release from Quinovic Te Aro – Monday 13 August 2018


Quinovic Te Aro would like to wholeheartedly apologise for the recently released campaign. The message was not at all intended to be offensive towards tenants.  Quinovic Te Aro highly values its tenants and once again we offer our sincere apologies for any offence this may have caused.

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