Helping owners find the right tenants

01 February 2020

As students start returning from summer holidays we are geared up for letting season, turning our attention to the journey of finding the right tenant. Investment property owners across the country know the difficulty of choosing the right match from a sea of applicants. When the market is slower, it can also be hard to resist choosing the first person who applies or reassessing your requirements for potential tenants. However, choosing the right person for a particular property is crucial to ensure your investment is well kept and rewarding. It’s also important to remember that renting is a two-way street and tenants should feel like the property is suited to them.

At Quinovic, we’ve spent over 30 years refining our process for picking the right tenant. We’ve taken our experience and put it into a free e-book, covering all of the steps that a landlord or property manager should undertake to find their perfect match. Joining the e-book is our latest blog, detailing the benefits of securing long-term tenants and practical advice for finding them. Both of these resources can be found online in our new Knowledge Centre.

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