Landlord fined $4,000 for damp home

01 May 2020

On April 14 2020, a landlord was ordered to pay tenants $4,334.69 in compensation and exemplary damages for failing to address the poor condition of their rental property. After two tenants moved into the Wellington rental, they immediately experienced issues with dampness. Adding to the initial problem, the tenants later discovered leaks from the bathroom, extensive mould damage and flooding caused by heavy rainfall. After attempting to resolve the issue with the landlord, tenants purchased dehumidifiers and commissioned an assessment of the mould and moisture levels in the property. The tenants later began experiencing health issues and issued a notice to remedy the problem without success. The Tenancy Tribunal found that the landlord’s obligations had been breached and ordered the early termination of the tenancy, 75% of the maximum cost of $4000 for exemplary damages and cover of the tenants’ medical expenses, amongst other running costs. 

Unfortunately, we do expect to see more cases of moisture levels and resulting damage taken to the Tenancy Tribunal following the compliance date for the Healthy Homes Standards on 1 July 2021. From 1 July 2020, any new or renewed tenancy agreement must include a Healthy Homes assessment, now is the time to get educated on the standards, get your property prepared and ask any questions you might have. It’s important to remember that a rental property investment requires a long-term mindset and these standards will improve the quality of your investment, help to attract long-term tenants, and protect you as a landlord. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your property manager.

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