Rent lost from tenants trapped abroad

01 September 2020

A Christchurch rental property owner has lost more than $4500 in rent payments due to her rental customers being stuck overseas. Amy Graham told the media how her rental customers had taken a six-week trip to visit family in the Philippines in March when borders closed. The family was suddenly stuck overseas without work and paid as much of their rent as possible out of their wage subsidy. Amy eventually told the family to stop their rent payments as they needed the money, but she then found that rent insurance did not cover her specific situation. Lost for options, she is now considering moving the family’s belongings into storage and renting out the house until they return.

This is just one example of the many difficulties that property owners and rental customers are facing due to COVID-19. Both parties are finding themselves out of pocket and stuck in tricky situations with no clear path forward. It’s a testing time so working with a property manager is a great way to support any troubles that lie ahead.

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