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Finding the right tenant

When it comes to property management, knowing how to find the right tenants is essential. We’ve spent over 30 years refining the process for our clients. Here, we explore all of the steps that will ensure that you get the best fit for your rental.

5 essential tenant checks you should be making

Picking tenants for your property can be tough. At Quinovic, we have over 30 years of experience finding well-suited tenants for our clients– here are 5 tenant checks you should be making for your property.

How to attract long-term tenants

Between minimal marketing costs, less admin time finding new tenants and guaranteed rent, it’s no wonder why landlords frequently look for long-term tenants. In this blog, we break down the best ways to find potential tenants who are looking for a more permanent rental solution.

Frequently asked questions

What should I look for in a tenant?

What is the best time of the year to look for tenants?

Can I charge late fees if a tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

How frequently should I charge rent?

New Zealand Property Investor Magazine articles

Balancing Act

Tessa Keeling explains how planning, preparation and professional advice are crucial for successful landlord-tenant relationships.

Checks and balances

Juliet Robinson explains how to make sure prospective tenants are a good fit for your investment property.

Good Foundations

Andrea Phelan explains why a good tenancy agreement is the bedrock of positive and professional landlord-tenant relationships.